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German Notaries' Association


The German Notaries’ Association is the umbrella organisation of Germany’s single-profession notaries. About 90% of approximately 1,600 German single-profession notaries are organised in its 10 member associations. In some parts of Germany, notaries carry out this profession alongside with their primary profession as barrister or solicitor. These so-called solicitor notaries are not organised in the German Notaries’ Association, but in the German Bar Association.


The German Notaries’ Association provides various services for notaries, their clients, and their staff through its subsidiary DNotV GmbH. In the first place however, the German Notaries’ Association promotes all professional and political affairs of notaries on national and European level. Therefore, the German Notaries’ Association takes part in all kinds of formal and informal consultations and expert talks with the administration and with political decision makers.

The German Notaries’ Association endeavours not to narrow its analysis to the economic impact which a legislative initiative may have on notaries, but rather scrutinises and evaluates the proposed measure as a whole. Due to credibility and neutrality, the German Notaries’ Association is an appreciated partner to discuss all judicial affairs. As an association, the German Notaries’ Association represents the same values as every single notary – credibility and neutrality.


The present German Notaries’ Association was founded in 1991 with two predecessor organisations dating back to 1900 and 1871. Some of its member associations look back to a tradition of 150 years and more.

After Germany’s reunification, a modern notary system had to be implemented in the former east. A new organisation was needed, and the German Notaries’ Association was given birth one year after the reunification. However, history did not stop. The European common market and globalisation have raised a competition of legal cultures. The German Notaries’ Association will present the notary as modern and efficient part of our legal system, committed to consumer protection and legal certainty.